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Support the ROBI Foundation

Spreading Positivity and Joy Around the World

Impact of Donations:

With your generous contribution, the ROBI Foundation can:

  • Conduct workshops in schools to promote emotional wellbeing

  • Publish and distribute a children book collection that uplift and inspire

  • Hold photography exhibitions showcasing the power of a smile

Every donation, big or small, helps in our mission.

Choose your Impact

1. Smile Supporter - $10

Your contribution will help:

  • To distribute 5 'Smile Cards from the Oracle of Happiness' to awesome human beings,  that will inspire them with powerful messages, reminding people of the joy and unity in smiles.

  • I will gift free hugs in places where they're needed the most, spreading warmth and genuine human connection.

2. Storyteller Champion - $25

With your support, we can:

  • Provide inspiring story cards of people from around the world, celebrating ethnic diversity and cultural richness.

  • Share these tales of unity and connection, fostering empathy and global understanding.

3. Children's Joy Advocate - $50

Your donation will:

  • Support the publication of a ROBI children's book, imparting crucial life lessons with the adventures of Robi as he travels the globe.

  • Help children embrace their emotions, mental well-being, and the spirit of unity.

4. Education Enthusiast - $100
Your contribution will aid in:

  • Delivering talks on emotional education and mental health in schools, hospitals, and communities.

  • Ensuring more children and adults get access to essential tools for emotional well-being.

5. Global Smile Ambassador - $250
With this generous support, we aim to:

  • Fund a part of the photographic exhibition in airports around the world.

  • Showcase that regardless of our differences, every smile speaks the universal language of joy and connection.


6. Heartfelt Benefactor - Choose Your Amount
Every penny counts in helping us amplify our impact, be it through our smile cards, our children's books, or our world exhibitions.

Make a donation

"Every smile we collect is a testament to the power of human connection, love and unity. Your support helps us amplify our impact, touching more lives and making our world a happier place. Together, we can spread joy and understanding "

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