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Appreciation of Beauty, from the eyes of a photographer who collects smiles

By Roberto Corona.

From the moment we wake up each morning, we have the ability to perceive different sensory stimuli that we can interpret as positive or negative according to our view of the world, everything will depend on our approach, if we focus on those stimuli that inspire us, give us pleasure or they motivate us to take action to reach a goal or learn something new, we will be able to flow with life and appreciate its beauty, surrendering ourselves completely, to what the Universe gives us at every moment, because we regain that capacity for wonder, as when we were kids…

and we are able to enter a state of absolute contemplation, where everything seems new before our eyes and surprises us, it is there when we once again recognize beauty in everyday life, we begin to distinguish the tones and textures that seem like an explosion of colors that they radiate vitality, and suddenly we hear the song of birds, or a beautiful melody that invites us to dance as a way to celebrate the beauty of life, our smell becomes sharper and we can recognize the perfume of a loved one, or the rich smell of a freshly served food, and at the same time enjoy its flavor and then give a hug of gratitude and feel closely the heartbeat of another being, which for a moment seemed to touch our soul, we moved to the present moment , and we are again full and aware of the infinite essence of our being.

We look at ourselves in the mirror and instead of criticizing ourselves, we smile at ourselves, because we recognize the beauty in ourselves, and we learn to forgive ourselves and renounce resentment and guilt, because we know that our hearts need more space to house love, peace and happiness, than They are born from that infinite source of the soul, emotions that grow and multiply when shared, it is then that we generate significant links, with our loved ones, cultivating positive emotions in our homes, which facilitate creating kinder environments, environments full of harmony and abundance. .

And we understand that the greatest gift of all is life itself, and your smile, a reflection of the contemplation of the beauty of the here and now, is then that we are grateful, thus discovering in gratitude, the key to happiness.

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