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1. What is the contest about?

The Einstein Contest invites all people from Chile or abroad, over 14 years of age, to share their ideas or innovative projects that positively impact the evolution of education in times of pandemic. They must be proposals that seek to solve a specific problem that affects the educational community, considering practical tools that facilitate meaningful learning, have scalability and can be applied in the context of Covid-19. Proposals that have a greater social impact will be shortlisted for the final stage of the contest. The finalists must present their ideas to the jury, via videoconference, which will provide funding of USD 2,500 to the winning project.

2. Who can participate?

The contest is open at an international level, students, teachers, parents and guardians, social entrepreneurs or anyone who seeks to improve and / or facilitate the way we learn can participate, with ideas or projects that can benefit from this financial support, in This process of continuous change and adaptation in the midst of a pandemic and social crisis, it is necessary to approach the education process with a renewed perspective, giving real importance to the value formation and emotional education in what this process of transformation of learning means. All minor participants must have the informed consent of their legal representative or guardian.

3. How to participate?

To participate, you must complete the application form that you find here, pasting the link of a video where you explain your idea in a simple way, in less than 3 minutes.

Video presentation of the idea / project;

The video should not exceed 3 minutes in length, we suggest mentioning the problem detected and the solution that you propose through your initiative or idea, in addition to telling us how meaningful learning would positively impact in times of pandemic.

You must upload it to your personal YouTube account, put as title: "Name of your Idea - # ConcursoEinstein2020", and then paste the link of your video in the application form.

Applications will be received from Wednesday, October 14 to Friday, November 27.

Preselection :

Between November 28 and December 3, the organization will evaluate each of the applications and select the 20 best proposals, which will be published on our web platform to be shared on social networks and disseminate the initiatives.

Selection of Finalists:

Between December 4 to December 11. The public must vote for their favorite ideas, the 2 ideas with the most public support will automatically go to the final.

The jury will evaluate the applications published on our web platform and will select five (5) additional proposals that will go to the final. The quality and originality of the proposal will be evaluated and not necessarily the quality of the video.

On December 12, the 7 finalists will be announced, who will be contacted via email and / or by phone, to invite them to participate in the virtual event via Zoom, where they will have to present live in front of the jury and answer their questions.

Virtual zoom with selected ideas presentations:

On Friday, December 18, there will be a live virtual event with the 7 selected ideas, which will take place from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., where the finalists must present in front of the jury, they will have 5 minutes to explain your idea and 5 minutes to answer questions.

4. How many jobs can I submit?

Only one (1) per applicant


5. How will the proposals be evaluated?

The Jury will evaluate the proposals taking into account the impact on the learning system in the context of Covid-19. In the video proposals, the quality of the idea will be taken into consideration and not necessarily the quality of the video, however, the audio must be clear and without ambient noise.

The criteria to be considered by the jury will be:

1. Originality and innovation: 25%

2. Relevance: 25%

3. Social Impact and Scalability: 25%

4. Feasibility and cost of implementation: 25%

6. The Awards and Mentions

A single prize for a total of USD 2,500 will be awarded to the winning idea, as well as a certificate of participation for the 7 finalists.

7. The Jury

There will be 5 professionals linked to the area of education, technology and humanities, science and entrepreneurship.



Benito Baranda

Director Colunga Foundation

Vice President Executive Team

Solidarity America


Sima Rezepka

President of the Consultative Association of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Chile

Associate Governor of the Hebrew University


Daniel Martinez

Director of the Institute of Well-being in Chile

Psychiatrist University of Chile

Marcela Gutierrez.jpg

Marcela Gutierrez

Education Director

Let's Raise Chile Challenge


Roberto Corona

Director of the ROBI Foundation

Founder of the Global Movement

Collecting Smiles


Vice President of the Consultative Association of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Chile





from the

Wednesday, October 14

until the

Friday, November 27




from the

November 28

until the

December 3




from the

December 4th

until the

December 11






December 12th





Dec. 18


  1. By uploading the proposals to the contest platform, the participant allows the public dissemination and without limitations of their proposal, either on video or in writing.

  2. Video proposals will go through a validation process prior to publication on the contest platform.

  3. The validation will take into account, before publishing the proposal on the contest website, that it complies with all the bases and has completed the registration form and accepted the terms and conditions.

  4. The organizers reserve the right to veto a video that contains offensive material, not being validated and being out of the contest.

  5. The organizers reserve the right to modify dates and deadlines of the contest.

  6. Proposals that damage or endanger the safety of their members or third parties, that damage or may damage animals, ecosystems and / or public or private infrastructure and in general proposals that, even if they pursue noble purposes, incur or will not be accepted. may incur in illegal acts and / or in ethically reprehensible means and conduct.

  7. The jury reserves the right to declare the contest void if the minimum number of applicants is not met.

  8. The participating and winning students, teachers and schools accept that the contest organizers may request them at any time to participate in advertising or promotional and / or communication activities, without any consent and / or payment of any additional consideration being required. Said advertising may include their names and / or images, in addition to any other contribution related to and / or referring to the Contest.

  9. In any case, the contestants and / or winners accept that the organization has the right to use images, audios and data that are necessary for the proper development of the Contest, including its dissemination in the media, web pages or wherever the organizers consider it. timely, both in the year the event is held and in subsequent years.

  10. Likewise, the contestants accept that the images, data, videos or audios that are produced during the Contest, can be used for the construction of the guide of practical tools to facilitate meaningful learning in times of pandemic.

  11. In the case of the application of students and / or minors, when completing the application form on the website of the Contest, it is declared that they have the explicit authorization of the parents and / or legal guardians of the minor or minor. age involved, to participate in the Contest and in all the instances that it includes or may include, including the appearance of their image in audiovisual, written or digital formats for the purpose of promoting the Contest

  12. The organizers of the Contest may suspend, cancel or modify, in whole or in part, this Contest for reasons of force majeure, not being liable in any way to the participants or third parties.

  13. Participation in this Contest implies knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the decisions made by the organizers on any issue not provided for therein.

  14. By submitting your application, you accept that in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 19,628 in Chile, you authorize the storage of personal data and its use in what the entity deems appropriate, always safeguarding the private life of those involved.


Never consider studying as an obligation,

but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge.

Albert Einstein

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